Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Drawing Party!

I haven't been to a sketch night in so's the best thing ever! I almost filled up my whole sketchbook.

And some life drawing...

some jaggedy ones from the subway...

you can really feel the "I may die today" vibration from the G train in these drawings.


  1. hey i think you life-drew my iphone! awesome work babs.

  2. pff, that's silly Jake. iphones aren't alive

  3. Do you really love drunk characters???
    I shall try to draw a drunk character too, perhaps.. as a fan art for you!
    Your sketches are awesome as always!

  4. I liked your film "Always, Only, Ever" on the Cartoon Brew blog. I especially liked the characters shapes and movements. The music was reall good too.

  5. I really like your drawings! I just watched your film on the Brew, and it was awesome!!

  6. What is this garbagio! jk jk
    miss you T_T